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Monday, December 12, 2005 

You Make Me Laugh

I'd like to see you naked
Before your clothes go out of style

You're so impossible

You make me laugh
You make me cry
You make me roll around the floor until I die
God only knows, the reason why
You make me laugh
You make me cry

Ha, sorry. Had a post in mind, then came up with this title to go along with the post, which OF COURSE, sent me into a full rendition of this song.

Which I love.

Cuz it's crazy.

And I'm crazy.

So, yeah, I like this song. No, NO. I love this song. I'm always laughing. ALWAYS! I think I've told you before, but, whatever! I'm going to tell you again. Try to fucking stop me!!!! I once got dumped for always laughing at stuff.

Oh. Heh. And cussing.

BUT, the final straw was when I took him to this wedding.

That was SUPER boring.

Not slightly, or mildly, but super, UBER boring!!! I thought I was going to stab my eyes out with the sporks.


So I looked at my table, looking for something to do, when I noticed, on my plate, some black olives, a slice of questionable looking meat, some tomatoe slices, and a dinner roll.

Faster than you can say, supercalafrajabafdkjlkfja, well. Faster than you can SPELL that at any rate, I had made a tiny little puppet with eyes, mouth and tongue.

Against my wishes, the puppet started talking to my date. Who got into a fight with the dinner roll, and then, THEN, picked up the wedding favor (which was a bell) and called me stupid, blaming it on the party favor.

I pointed out that party favors don't have mouths, and therefore can't insult anyone, to which he responded, "Well neither do dinner rolls."



My dinner roll CLEARLY had a mouth.

It's called, "evolution."

ya fucking moron.


How old are you? I have a feeling that I was on this grey earth, first! and if it's alrighty with ya - i'm linking you on my page...

I once got dumped for thinking that Metallica's Load album was a horrible testiment to the heroin-induced talent that they used to have. I miss junior high school.

Ha! Actually, I was here first! 26 baby! I'm all old.


link away! I'll add you to my "update eventually" list. Sorry! I'm soooooooooooo lazy!

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