Monday, April 30, 2007 

I Had a Title for This Post... But Forgot It

Oh fuck it all anyway.

I think carrot cake is deceiving. They should call it bad for you cake. Because then I wouldn't be tempted to justify eating so damn much of it. Unless it is healthy... and then anyone who says otherwise should shut their fat ugly lying mouths.

On a more personal note you might be wondering, Hey? What's up with the absenteeism? And then I'd be all, oh, you know, AIDS scare.

But it's all right now!

Cindy Lou explained it.

Turns out you CAN'T, CAN NOT, get it from having sex with her. Or cutting your thumbs and becoming blood sisters while drinking Patron. Nope. All a myth. In fact, she even gave me a bucket of her blood to play in. Perfectly safe. And fun.

So how do you get the AIDS then? Abstinence. Boy am I glad she cleared that up.