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Thursday, December 08, 2005 

News is Funny so I go HA HA / Oh, and a Little Bit O HNT Thrown in the Mix

If I were Saddam I would also tell the court to go to hell. Then I would stand up and say, "All you American pigs can suck my big Iraq cock, for a fee!"

At this point I would probably unzip my pants and wave it around just to show everyone that I was not ashamed of my big Iraq cock.

When you are a dictator you have to show your penis. That's just how these things go.


If I were Scott Stapp though, I would NOT get into a fight with 311 cuz who wants to say they got the shit kicked out of them by 311?

I mean, what does 311 really do beside sing some songs and smoke some pot?

Plus, the best part is how stupid gay ass Scotty Stappy boy stood up, with his hands on his hips and said, 311. I am ready to fight.


Fan fucking tabulous.

Actually. If I were girly scotty stepp I WOULD do that all the time.

Just for laughs.

hee hee.

Sorry, as scotty stapp I'm required to laugh like a girl and get my ass kicked by stoners.


Maybe some of you have heard about this, I don't know. But this week 25 officers from the San Francisco PD were suspended due to some video they had made.

Last night I kept hearing about it on the previews for the news, but they never would say what these videos were about. I kept thinking that they were video of PO's getting lap dances from girls they had 'supposedly' pulled over.

These types of videos, for the record, do exist. I know a girl that was in one.

Back to my point, so at ten O'clock the news story comes on, and the SF mayor, Gavin, is all pissed off and righteous about the DISPICABLE spoof movies.

Then they showed the clip.

It was an officer talking about how he really wanted to be transferred out of his district because it was filled with crazy people (at this point you get a shot of the car he's driving and a black homeless man is running up to it, signaling for help).

The officer is talking about how these crazy people run up to the car as he runs over the homeless man.

Then you get a close up of the dead homeless mans body.

Gavin was all pissy talking about the racist comments in this video, and other stuff that I didn't hear, because I was too busy LAUGHING!



damn. Those guys should be on comedy central.


In other news, check out the Petshop Boys on my castpost. mmm. Winter.


Say, Beautiful babe, what makes you think Saddam has a penis if he doesn't have any balls? Lots of dicktators are just compensating for having little genitals by being complete flaming assholes! Saddam studied Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, and ought to join their little club of Dead Dicktatoz!

What do you think the jerk would have done to you and your beautiful self had you met him?

i say you should be saddam's advisor, he could use you right now he's got nothin.

and Gavin is taking the whole PC thing way too far.

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