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Thursday, December 01, 2005 


In the white and pink bathroom of my very first 'mine and mine alone' apartment, I lost my camera phone virginity.

How did you lose yours?


Very cute! Happy HNT!

your a cutie

Awesome! Happy HNT!

Gawd, I love your hair. Gimme.

You are sooooooooo pretty. Love your hair too.

i am still a virgin.

In a bar in Ostend while we were taking pictures of ugly people doing ugly things like letting their bellies crawl from under their t-shirts or walk around half nekkid on the streets while it's freezing etc...

There I lost my virginity on the corner of a street while a man was fingering his girl in the background. It felt like my friends and I had ended up in a B-movie.

Ostend sucks. I wanted to post those pictures on my blog but they were to dark

Thanks guys! Ha, these pics were actually part of a running gag I had with a friend. See I had just grown out my hair and so I would always interupt her to say, "Yes, yes, the war. But let's talk about something important... MY HAIR! Isn't it beautiful?"

then I would wander off playing with my hair, it was quite funny. So I took these pics and sent them to her, she called me up laughing calling me a self involved bitch. heh.

K's story of lost camera phone virginity wins the prize! sweet!

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