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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

It's winter, I'm wearing a pink turtle neck and sipping hot tea.

I'm also fucking BUSY!!! Busy busy busy, but... this tea feels good sliding down my throat and also, I heard some good news today. So I'm all happy, and I've got that butt wiggling kinda happiness inside of me, so... here's a list of some of those things that, without fail, make me happy

  • a warm blanket wrapped around me in the winter
  • Arrested Development (that's my GREAT fucking news, Showtime is thinking about picking it up!!! YAY)
  • my kitty pushing his head into my neck
  • When Fry yells at Meat Wad on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Man that show is cracked.
  • the way my sister laughs when I hug her
  • Watching someone fall.
  • Scrubs... scrubs scrubs scrubs, is back on in JANUARY!!!
  • Losing at a game.. wait. NO! I fucking hate that.
  • That moment in Elf when he get's hit by a taxi.
  • When a guy kisses me on the forehead. I don't know why, but even when guys I HATE do this, I kinda melt. wtf? grr. I hate that I like that.
  • Steve Martin in The Jerk
  • Warm Hot Scalding showers. mmmm.

dammit. now I want to go home and take a shower. fuck. ok, back to work.


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