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Monday, December 19, 2005 

I Had The Morning Off

To tend to my headache.

Massive headache, for days now.

I quit smoking.

And bought a dog.

Now I spend every waking moment contemplating throwing up.

Dog arrives friday.

and I don't do well under constant contemplation and second guessing.



good luck with the quitting smoking thing...i know from personal experience its a bitch...

thats a sweet dog but im not sure whether you can be trusted with one.

You know you have to love them even when they annoy you right?

Phill- quitting smoking sucks, mostly because I just don't wanna. But, I've only smoked one cigarette in three weeks now.

Steve- No worries! I ended up with his not so sweet brother. Since the brother's not as nice I'm sure he'll understand when he get's what he has coming!

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