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Friday, June 17, 2005 

Things I Learned Last Night

1. Ty's phone number. I am so stalking his ass.

2. Grace and Mel act like sisters. Seriously.

3. Bloggers United = Lots of people scared.

4. Except for our waiter. Our waiter fucking loved us. Cindy told him I was a whore.

5. The guys sitting at the table next to us? Not so enthused. We swear alot.

6. Grace swears as much as I do.

7. Mel is TINY.... I mean tiny. Damn. How do I get letters smaller? Tiny. She's smaller than Grace.

8. Mail order brides are mouthy. At least that's what Mel says. She paid twenty bucks for Grace, who has yet to scrub the floor. Lazy mail order.

9. I don't like this water bottle. Kick.

10. Duckie fucking ROCKS the mike! Karaoke is soooo fun. Grace, held her own too. People were like, "Whoa, baby. Whoa"

11. Shit, we were like the best karaokers there! haha. supah stah

12. When Duckie spanks you he spanks you like you're his ten year old kid that just ran into the street, in front of a car, causing it to crash into a tree, after spray painting his brand new car with "daddy likes to take it in the ass" and dumping ink on the living room floor. Fuck that guys got some pent up agression.

13. There is no monkey at the bar, the blue monkey. Which smacks of false advertisement. We were pissed.

14. Steve will let Grace french any girl as long as there are pictures. WOOT WOOT.

15. I don't know how to dance.