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Friday, June 03, 2005 

Grace Likes Screaming TIMMY!

Ok, I need to do a plug for Timmy. Who's Timmy, you might say, and why haven't you done a plug for me you stupid fucking bitch?


You my friend have an anger problem. And I DON'T like people who have an anger problem. I'M serene like that. So anyhow, yesterday Timmy was up for over 30 hours straight blogging hour upon hour to raise money for this girl.. Why do I give a shit? Well, I fuckin LOVE rollerderby! And I'm pretty sure I've seen this girl play, and let me tell you these girls get knocked around pretty bad solely for our amusement. Heh heh. It's pretty cool. Plus Timmy lives in San Jose and is hispanic, so I've got to have his back. It's a territorial/racial kinda thing. Anyway, after I figure out how to log back into my paypal account I'm going to donate 20 bucks. You guys should too. Seriously, take a look at Timmy's blog, the man was up for almost forty hours! Plus, his stuff usually doesn't suck, and towards the end Timmy my friend... I don't know.

C'mon... you know you have five bucks just laying round. Shoot, you're just going to waste it at mc'donalds anyway!