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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

That Is So Hot

Umm. So... haha. My name is Paris. And I'm, ummm. Like marrying Paris. Isn't that hot? It's so hot. I'm so hot. I love calling out my own name in bed. Hahahaha. It's like, so totally cool and hot because he's the first guy I've ever dated who's not after me for my money. Together we have more money than god. That is sooo hot. I can't wait to have retarded hot babies.


The other day I was walking around Santa Cruz with my friend and I was like, "Hey what kind of car is that? I think I like that car."

He looked at the car and then at me, and then at the car, and then at me.

"Terra.... It's a Hyundai."

I was so fucking pissed. Fucking Hyundai, fucking Tiburons. Fuck fuck fuck.


My fucking email box is empty. No one is playing email tags with me today. I'm bored.