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Friday, June 10, 2005 

Sunday Always Comes Too Late, It's Friday I'm In Love

If there was a town named Hookerville I would move there.

I would change my name to Margarita and wear false eyelashes and sequins to make everyone think I was a cross dresser.

In the checkout line if the girl looked at me funny and gave me attitude I would grab my crotch and yell, "Hey! Suck on this! Bitch".

Sometimes when I walked I would pretend to adjust myself. Then while passing strangers I would sniff and say, "what the fuck you looking at?".

I would wear platform shoes and all the boys would call me Rita and ask if they could come over on their fifteen minute break.

Then their friends would beat them up for sleeping with a man. But that's cool, cuz in Hookerville, I would be Queen.