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Monday, November 21, 2005 

So You Want To Know What I Did This Weekend?

Why? So you can live vicariously through me? So you can pick apart my life? Call me a dork? A drunk? A slut? You sick sick fuck.

I knew there was a reason I like you.


Sorry, all escapades of past weekend are super top secret.

Because I'm a spy, and now that I've told you that I will have to kill you. Please leave your address and directions to your home in the comments below, that way I don't waste my precious time running around town looking for your worthless ass.

Time is money baby, time is money.

You know what else is money? You baby! You are so money, and you don't even know it.


I do have a small movie review for you though:

Chicken Little

I went to see this in 3-D (give me a break, my kid sis is 9), and it turned out to be pretty awesome! I mean, at first the 3-D effect did give me a bit of a headache, and although, unlike my sis, I wasn't enthused to be wearing glasses that look like the green ones Chicken Little sports, eventually I warmed up to the whole thing. And the movie was hilarious as well.

Basically the movie does a spin off of the original Chicken Little story, and in this case the sky actually IS falling. Alien invasion! Cue scary space ships and people screaming. But of course no one in town believes Chicken Little, who is now an embarrasment to his father.

What really made the movie for me though were the supporting characters. Chicken Little is friends with Runt of the Litter Pig, Ugly Duckling and Fish Out of Water.

Runt of the Litter Pig sings/quotes famous music throughout the movie, and at one point karaokes to Spice Girls.

Ugly Duckling is a therapist in training.

And Fish out of Water is at once, retarded, brilliant, and hilarious. He builds a skyscraper and climbs to the top re-enacting king kong's death.

Even if you don't have kids this is definately worth seeing.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Ok, definitely a chick flick, and also something I rented for the sis not expecting to like. However, here's the thing, I ended up BAWLING!

Then, out of the blue Olivia calls me up bawling because SHE just watched it and now has to talk to me (since the movie is all about girl friendships).

So brief synopsis, four seventeen year old girls, friends since birth but all completely different, spend their first summer apart. The main part of this movie is that they find a pair of jeans that fit them all (even though they are all very differently shaped) so in true teenage fashion they dub them magical and decide to share them throughout the summer, sending them overnight to all of the different countries, states, that the girls will be in.

See now, I thought this premise cute, light, and fluffy. Basically, inconsequential. But really this is a movie about girls growing up and learning to stand on their own. All of their lives they've had each other and so in a way this is about girls learning to stand on their own, but still managing to come together.

This movie makes you think about the best girl friends you've ever had and all of those, "oh shit I'm growing up" moments. It was really suprisingly good (although I still think that girl from gilmore girls has a weird shaped head... like an alien or something).


I liked that movie alot for it's complete chik flikery, and cried a teeny bit also b/c I am a big cry-baby. So yeah.

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