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Friday, October 28, 2005 


i forgot what love was,
but so did You.
And then there was
this giant game of pretending
but who was the fox?
and who was the rabbit?
We never could get our roles down,
Two dogs biting each other's asses.

They say to stop a dog punch it in the nose,
Or was that a shark?
i punched You, but You turned out to be a Man
in disguise,
with a heart
All truths and no lies.
i'd apologize, but i'm a rabbit with no ability to talk.

Only shiver and quake,
stand still for the children to say,
"Oh look! A Bunny mommy! A Bunny! Can I take her home?"
Can I sleep with her and cuddle her and love her forever?
and ever? and ever amen?

i'm the butterfly with the poison
the cow gone mad
i'd sneak up on you all subtle,
but you've got me pegged.

Just once
i wish you'd play the rabbit
let me shake you until dead.