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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 


I'm having a ho hum, fuck I wish it were tom0rrow, day. Not that I'm pissy, just overstressed and tired.

Hey look!

I'm not required to be funny and bright and happy with murderous tendencies every fucking goddamn day of my life people!


I'm only human too.

And today this human wishes it could crawl back in bed, take a nap with my kitties and watch some movie that makes me cry and think deep thoughts.

This morning I dreamt that I called in sick to work, but here I am anyway. Which is good. I'm glad I came in today... I need my paycheck! haha

Oh? What has me stressed? Well, so nice of you to ask.

My cats have fleas. Fucking flea bags... and now I'm itching from imaginary fleas all the time and I'm in such a desperate attempt to de-flea them that I'm starting to worry that I'll accidentally kill them in my overzealous purchase of all flea killing products.

My new place is fucking AWESOME! Swear to god. It's so fucking HUGE. Like a thousand square feet. Suh weet! And a view from my window of the whole bay area. Gorgeous at night. No nearby neighbors. Big old sky light too. Yeah. It's nice... but... but. I have BUGS!!!! Black beetles and brown beetles that made me think they were ROACHES!!! Huge unkillable fast moving roaches!!! Until I was informed that when you live in the country you sometimes encounter something known as "nature"... translation: not roaches. Who the fuck knew? Fucking bugs. DIE DIE DIE.


And fleas. OMG

(writer shudders and shakes)

Plus I found out a lot of information about people that I would rather not know. Such as they suck. Worse than I ever thought they could. And I'm not talking about, always fifteen minutes late and/or embellishes stories to make them funnier kind of sucky... but really shitty kind of stuff. I guess I could be mad, but what's the point? It's not going to make them sorry, or fess up to their wrongdoings, or even take responsibility for their own actions. So instead I'm going to clean up the mess they made and go on my merry way. I just wish I didn't have to lose faith in them... if that makes any sense.


OK. Group hug, count to ten, high five and a big, "FUCK THOSE GUYS".

(which is what we say whenever we feel down, even when those guys aren't so bad. Try it, yell real loud "FUCK THOSE GUYS!" Feels good huh?)