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Friday, October 28, 2005 

Real Life In Monotone

10:54 am.

my day so far

  1. overslept
  2. hit snooze...
  3. overslept again
  4. yelled OH SHIT
  5. Started cooking the plantains
  6. burned myself
  7. burned myself again
  8. mom called me to remind me to bring something
  9. said OH FUCK... completely forgot about that shit.
  10. almost ran out of house with hair not combed
  11. ran back
  12. cat knocked over garbage
  13. killed cat
  14. drove down hill in five minutes instead of usual fifteen.
  15. dropped off stuff to mom.
  16. realized ice cream for potluck was melting
  17. FUCK
  18. threw it away
  19. am now sitting here, potluck begins in five minutes, trying to figure out how long it would take to run to store, buy more ice cream, without completely pissing off boss.
  20. FUCK.