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Thursday, September 08, 2005 


This is a boring pointless post. So feel free to back out of it now. Go ahead. You know you want to.


Still here?

First things first. I DO have an HNT post. At home. Ready and waiting. But, I'm not at home. So y'all 'll just have to wait until I get there. Check back later. Or tomorrow. I thought it was quite good. You might not... but who cares? The only thing that matters is MY opinion! MWUHAHAHA

umm. Ok. Crazy laughter out of the way, let's move on.

I'm so stuck on this short story. The first part ROCKS. Haha. But I'm all stuck on the middle. Want to hear about my problem? NO? Well... I don't care.

So the story is about a girl that always lies. Always. Think, "The Usual Suspects". But just because she lies doesn't necessarily mean she's a bad person. I guess what I'm trying to get the reader to realize is that she lies because really, she's a person of no substance, no genuiness, but she wishes she could be. So all of the stories that she makes up is so she can gain character from experiences that she's never actually experienced. Which prompts the question, can you love a lie?

But woven into this is Plato's theory of the shadowlands. This is the idea that our day to day life is nothing but a shadow of the afterlife, and pales in all aspects. So of course she meets someone that is genuine. But again, bringing in Plato, Plato (or was it Socrates? Oh fuck it, I don't care) theorized that the truth was like the sun shining in peoples eyes and that most people will duck their head and hide in the shadows to shield themselves from pain. So here she is a lie, in love with the truth. Problems.

Ok, so the only clue to this is ONE reference to the shadowlands. Which is crippling me because I keep thinking no one will get the reference.

So do I want to write a story that goes right over people's heads?

Or do I say fuck it. You should have taken Philosophy and read CS Lewis too! Assholes. Anyway. I'm stuck. fucking stupid smart story. That's it, I'm writing a new story.

Once there was a dog.

The end.