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Tuesday, September 06, 2005 

Ten Stupid Things That Happened Today That Made Me Wish I Were Independently Wealthy And Could Drink In Bed All Day


Do you really think ten things would have to happen for me to wish that? Fuck you're gullible.

1. My hair, blow dried straight, made me look like an 80's teen pop star. Fabulous.

2. My inner ear kept itching and so I kept shaking my head like a dog while growling. ALL DAY.

3. My two best friends BOTH called me pathetic. They're dead now.

4. I stalked Grace online and sent her photos of me. Hehe. Gotta love camera phones.

5. I found out the lady at the cafe downstairs named her daughter Sunshine. Which is SOOO cute! But it also made me jealous because I've never done half as much drugs as I should have.

6. I realized I have to work for a living. SHIT.

7. I drove to work.. cue road rage.

8. I ate a burger from Carls Jr.. and yes. It did get all over the place.

9. I stalked #$@%. Sorry. Thanks to a restraining order I can't tell you who. =)

10. I stared at emails that I never replied to. Fuck. I hate working.


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