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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Dirty Bird (Or other obscure movie quotes)

My hands feel dirty. All day it’s been bugging me. Since I woke up. Because it was bugging me last night.

And the day before.

And the week before that.

Fuck, I have the feeling that I need to wash my hands 24/7.

But I won’t do it.

That’s right, FUCK YOU OCD, YOU BASTARD!!!

I know your little game! First it’s, "Oh I’ll wash my hands so I can cook." Or "Oooh. I just took out the garbage, I should probably wash up"!

Before you know it I’m elbow deep in clorox scrubbing the third layer of my skin off.

Well, I sure showed you! I haven’t washed my hands in two weeks! Take that fucker!