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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

If You Don't Like Poetry Then You're An Uneducated Classless Bastard... Thank You. Come Again

(In marketing I learned that if you tell consumers only retarded inbred fucking morons don't like your product, then they'll buy your products just to prove that they're not bottom feeding human waste. Pretty cool huh? Now, on to the poem)

... hearts are beating here.

Did you come in mid-sentence?
So did I

This poem is
Off rhythm
off beat
A reflection of me

And I am asking you
Imploring you
for a road map
a destination
A reflection.
Of me.

Dear friend:
I can't see you through this haze,
this fog,
this, discovery of self.
But, wait, patiently
for the resurfacing
of the lost,
Drawn by the temptation that
maybe... just maybe

... hearts are beating here.


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