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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

I Do, I Really Really Do

Read your site. But lately I am just stuck on comment stupid. I read, but I don't comment.

I try not to comment on T and A's site, well, cuz frankly the comments on their site fucking ROCK! I have never ever fucking seen funnier comments.

Wait, Dane, your comments on my site always make me laugh. He he. Penguins. Also I loved the story of your adopted parents beating you. Pointless violence always makes me chuckle.

And Summer? You're just too hot. I can't comment. I'm outleagued.

Anyway, my list of comment laziness just goes on and on. But I'm too lazy to finish this post so screw it.


I go through phases like that too. Sometimes I have lots to say and other times I just like to read and not comment...

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