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Friday, May 13, 2005 


I'm thinking about becoming a Jew.

Which brings up an old argument between me and O, is being a Jew strictly religious or racial? I say both, she disagrees.

I win. Not because of my superior debate techniques, but because I am just smrtr than her.

Anyway, so obviously I can't quite convert, which sucks. Cuz their bible doesn't include the new testament, so I'm thinking the sermons would be shorter. Plus, Zach Braff is pretty hot. I'd convert for him.

Also, Jesus is starting to piss me off with all this forgiveness crap.

I want God to say, "shut the fuck up Jesus whilst I go smite someone". Heh. That would be cool.

Mental image of God pushing Jesus down and kicking him.

I mean, I think God's really getting fed up with his crap. Plus, he created the whole thing and now Jesus gets all the glory? What Would Jesus Do? Oh and how about those t-shirts that all the Hollywood fuckwatts sport, Jesus is my homeboy? Fuck that.

Christians think they can do anything cuz "Jesus loves them" and all that shit. Where the hell has everyone's accountability gone? It's like a fucking infomercial. Killed someone? Just accept Jesus Christ into your life and all your sins will be washed away.

But not the blood on the carpet. You can clorox the fuck out of that but forensics will still find it.

That's got to say something I think.

Then again there's a Jewish lady at my work, and she seems pretty nice. No walking around screaming, "God will strike you down!".

Must have been that whole holocaust thing. That really put them in their place.

I don't feel bad, because Jesus forgave us... but not them. They're going to hell. I hear it's warm there.... lucky bastards.