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Friday, May 20, 2005 

The Case of the Traveling Smiley Face

I went to Cindy’s house last Sunday, and I just have to say, Caden is THE CUTEST kid. Cindy makes cute kids. She’s like a cute kid factory. Except she only made one. So she’s like a lazy cute kid factory that keeps getting shut down by the safety department.

When Caden first saw me, he hid. Which made me think, “smart kid”. Later though he warmed up to me. Don’t be surprised! It’s all part of my deadly charm. Caden didn’t have a shirt on and on his trip to go get one, a sticker sheet of smiley faces distracted him. I know. Cute!

Told you.

He came back to the kitchen and debated in front of us where to put this sticker. It was so funny. Before I left he gave me one and I promptly put it on my shirt. Then I headed over to my friend Tonie’s house to paint clouds on her nine-month-old daughter’s ceiling. In the middle of painting I lay down on the floor to inspect our handiwork and Angelina crawled over to me. Drooling she eyed my smiley face, “No way kid. Back off. That’s mine.” She smiled, but I was serious. Tonie looked down and smiled, “Cute smiley face, she just drooled all over it”. Kids.

To protect the smiley face it was removed and placed on my purse. This is where it stayed and it traveled back and forth with me from work to home. Occasionally people comment on it, “Heh. Cute sticker Terra”. Yeah. I know.

Then the other day I took the sticker off and stuck it on the counter at home. For a few days I tracked it’s progression around my house until I lost sight of it.

Last night while taking off my shirt I spotted it. On the inside of my bra. How in the hell did it get there? And why, does the smiley face now look bigger?


smilie's powers are growing. Soon he will destroy you and take over your identity. We won't notice that you suddenly turned yellow and he will destroy us. Then he will take over the world.


did u just make that? That was soo funny!

Also, umm. You like master shake too? Damn you're cool.

wierd. I haven't been able to comment on your haloscan all day.

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