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Saturday, May 14, 2005 

Dreams are Like, Wierd Man

Sorry, I've been watching Garden State over and over and ... heh. You get the point. That Sam is quirky and funny.

Anyway, I had a dream last night that I was cleaning the lens on my camera, it was way filthy which is so not true in real life, and someone just walked up and poured FOOD all over it. Which freaked me out until I thought, oh well, that's what UV Filters are for. Protection! AND, my camera never leaves home without one! So HA!

But on closer inspection the camera DIDN'T have one! Fuck! I had just ruined my damn lens! Lenses are FUCKING EXPENSIVE! Fuck. In the dream I just sucked it up. Later the entire lens get's smashed anyway.

I dream about camera's and lenses and uv filters. How big of a dork am I?

Ok... busy day today. Gym, laundry, get ready for my photo shoot, photo shoot, and then... DANCING! YAY.

Gawd... have to bring clothes to change into for dancing. SHIT, why had I not thought of that! I AM SO STUPID! K, now I really got to go.

Have a lovely saturday blogger buddies! Do everything I would and wouldn't do!

Then report back.