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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

Hey Cat... I See You Sharpening Your Claws, and I Raise You a New Fur Collar. Fucker

I just got the strangest urge to flip my mother off. Hmm. Regressing?

Anyway, FYI: Your pets are not! I repeat, NOT, family members.

They are your hostages.

If you didn't feed them they would attack and kill you.

It's called nature... look it up.


ha! i thought for a sec you were angry with *me*! and i thought..hmm.. all i have been doing is reading the blog.. maybe i should get cindy-lou to stick up for me. :)

remind me not to upset you.... heh.


I think my pets would just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next sucker if I didn't feed them. I think they are glad the scam of cuteness has worked thus far....

If you live along and have dogs and you die, the dogs will mourn you soulfully until they, too, pass away. If you live alone and have cats and you die, the cats will mourn you when convenient, up until they get the munchies.

Cat- You're too nice for me to ever attack!

Timmy- TIMMAH!!!!

Mishka- This is the same reasoning the south used in their argument against emancipation... just so you know.

Badpatty- You obviously have dogs, and are therefore partial.

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