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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 

The Other Day I was all, "Look at me, my Feelings are all Hurt!"

But then today I had a beer and feel strangely over it.

There are things that sit up and slap you in the face after a break up. The first is celibacy. Oh how I hate thee let me count the ways. The other ones are, hey, remember when he did that asshole thing? And what the fuck he's already dating again? And talking about marriage? Like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with him? And you say you're going to seek revenge but really you just go home and cry and call friends and complain that you're going to die alone with no one but your landlord noticing, and only then because he's pissed your rent's late.

They protest.

They say, "No, we love you! We would notice if your were moldy and smelly and dead on the ground somewhere!"

But you know they're lying and secretly miming to their spouse that they need to change their phone number. Pronto.

The other things that hit you are, some days? Some days are really bad. Some days are lonely and when you move everything hurts in a place that's undefinable. It makes your eye's feel dry and paper thin and your throat feel tight like a door that's too swollen to open anymore. You move and it hurts and you want to lay down so it stops hurting, except then the hurt just knows where to find you faster and easier. But then you have a beer and you go out with friends and nothing hurts anymore, so what was it you were missing again?