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Monday, June 25, 2007 

Note to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Your name is too long. TOO FUCKING LONG. Kind of like this title for this post is too long, but it's not my fucking fault it's you faggots that have driven me to it. God fucking damn it.

The only reason I ever watched this god damned fucking show is because once upon a time before he got hooked on pain pills got fat and then slack faced, Matthew Perry was HOT. Fucking HOT. Now, not so much. He looks sloppy, and you know who he has to blame? the drugs. He gives drugs a bad name and has he ever accepted responsibility for that? No. Fuck Matthew Perry for making drugs look bad and fuck him for making me watch this show.

Oh, sure, I still watch it, but it's not my fucking fault!

I blame Amanda Peets story line for this debacle but lately, I don't know. I don't think I can hang anymore.

Because what the fuck is with all the FLASHBACKS! Okay, newsfuckingflash to writers, flashbacks? Okay... sometimes. But not half of every fucking show for the last six fucking episodes. Cut it the fuck out, I'm BORED!!! And okay, I get it, the war started four years ago and we thought it would be over, but it's not and it's never going to be and you hate Bush and he's a fucking moron and my cat is smarter then him and could run the country better and even homeless people are more articulate, but geezus fucking christ man, SOMETIMES I JUST WANT TO WATCH TV.

Fuck you studio 60.


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