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Sunday, July 19, 2009 

Dear Ex-Boyfriend

If we're going to break up with you telling me everything is pretty much my fault, and me naively and stupidly believing that, then fine. But could you get all the hurtful things out at once? Today I felt just fine until I realized you removed that cute picture of us from facebook.

What the hell? I was a part of your life for years and you just need to throw me out like I never existed? Like I spat on you or ran over your cat? Seriously, what did I ever do that was so horrible you need to continue to annihilate the memory of me? I know that what you did wasn't even that bad. I totally understand it in fact, especially since I long ago deleted all photos of you from my facebook. There's the key though, long ago. It's the waiting to do it that brings up the wound as fresh.


why oh why have I been so understanding through all of this?