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Tuesday, November 07, 2006 

TerraT: Telling You What To Do Since 1979

Snippets of Conversation

"People piss me the fuck off. Don't they get it? I don't want to hear their stupid fucking opinions, I want them to shut up and do what I say."


At the movie theater

Irishman: "Can I have a large popcorn?"

Me: "Small is fine."

Irishman: "What about chocolate malts?"

Me: "No."

Irishman: "Hotdog?"

Me: I don't even bother to respond. The look of death should be enough.

Irishman to stranger: "You're lucky, you have goobers. My girlfriend said no."

Stranger: "My girlfriend doesn't get a say."

Me: "No."


Me to Miranda: "Okay, look at this... now, please." She pulls out paperwork obediently. "I like this, you do what I tell you to do, finally!"

Miranda (laughing): "That's the thing about you, you're bossy in a polite way."

Me: "It's so my minions don't revolt."


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