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Friday, November 03, 2006 

I Have Something To Say


I hate your kiss ass brown nosing bullshit politics. I hate your snide fucking remarks and even the way you part your fucking hair.

I fucking hate you

With something close to a passion. The kind of passion where I might pretend to like you just so I can drug you at a party and then light your clothes on fire. You whiny pretentious fucking bitch.



Oh my god you fucking dirty ass hippie. Was one bumper sticker not enough so you had to go out and buy TEN GOD DAMN FUCKING POLITICAL STATEMENTS AND TATTOO THEM TO THE ASS OF YOUR HYBRID PIECE OF SHIT???

Does ANY of that bullshit apply to all of the fucking hairspray you've put into your hair? Because I am fucking TEMPTED to make up a bunch of statistics and then yell at you about how your destroying the ozone layer. You fucking crazy ass bitch!


What the fuck is the point of buying an SUV hybrid anyway you fucktard?? You could've bought a CAR that got better gas mileage!

And by the way, I LIKE global warming. It's great. It's FANTASTIC! You see this beautiful sunny November day? These kind of days are supporting the swimsuit industry and local amusement park attractions, therefore creating JOBS!


Die hippy die


What in the fucking hell? Do I have a fucking neon sign on top of my car that says run me the fuck off the road PLEASE?

Because I will take that shit off right now.

How many stupid fucks with expired licenses have to be lined up completely fucking PARALLEL with me and then try to get in my lane?


You see me? In the white car? Flipping you off? Yeah bitch. This lane is MINE.



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