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Tuesday, October 03, 2006 

A Play

(Opening scene is a dark stage. Spotlighted are Terra and her Mother. Her mother wears a floral dress, perhaps a mumu, spectacles, and a straw hat. She appears to be walking around blankly, as if drugged or retarded, from this we know Terra is day dreaming. In real life her mother is sharp as a tact and therefore capable of defending her self.)

Terra's Mother: You know Terra (waves arm in air to signify superiority) I made a mistake in raising you. I went wrong somewhere (adjusts spectacles), somehow.

Terra (suprised): Really? How's that?

Terra's Mother: I made you lazy. Yes. Lazy. I picked up after you too much, and now you don't know how to do anything.

Terra's eyes get very big: How do you figure that? I had to take care of my cousins all the time, I had to help you with the baby, and ever summer I took care of my grandmother, cleaned the house-

Terra's mother interrupts: Well now, let's not get into that. That's besides the point.

(At this point Terra starts stabbing her mother)