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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

I Hate You

I'm not exactly sure what laundro-mat etiquette is, but I'm starting to gather that it means, bring all your kids under 5, all your neighbors children, your husband, his drunk friend, your blind grandma, and then all of the clothes you can possibly find. If you don't have enough pick some up from the bum across the street before you head on over because if you can't fill up the whole fucking van so that when you open the doors everyone comes spilling out? You ain't going!

Stupid fucking laundromat.

Stupid fucking people standing around in my fucking way, HOW MANY GOD DAMN PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE TO DO LAUNDRY???

Here's an idea!

Leave your husband that keeps staring at my ass AT HOME! WITH YOUR FIVE UGLY BUCK TOOTHED KIDS THAT KEEP ASKING ME FOR CHANGE!

And your grandma? Just kill the old bitch. If I had to live with you I'd be pretending to be blind too.


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