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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To (Scroll Down For New Posts)

Because this one is staying up until the end of the contest. I know. You hate me.

This year for my birthday I'm asking for something free, and surprise surprise. It's not a piece of ass. Although some of you still might give that up right? Right? But no, I read a celebrity gossip page religiously, and they're holding a karaoke contest. The person with the most votes wins, wait for it, a Prada bag! Wouldn't that be a great birthday gift for me?

I'm aiming for 200 votes, which sounds like a lot, but with six degrees of separation I know 200 people easy!! I have faith in the power of blogger. Not so much that we should all go out, buy matching rings and fight crime, but you get the point. So please send this to as many friends as possible (I don't have their email addresses) and feel free to bully your significant other into voting for me too (actually, just switch over to their email account and vote for me ;p), and let's see how many votes we can get!

Here's the link to my entry

Vote for me on Bix.com!

voting is easy! All you do is register for a free bix account, and click the little thumbs up under my song. Thanks so much guys!



I think only two accounts per computer is allowed, any more than that and the votes get disqualified. While you're over there... make sure you don't vote for anyone else. I'm not going to go around making threats, but I think it's implied.


If I win I'll take a dirty pic with the Prada bag and send it to all those that voted! Wink Wink. Um. Unless that's deterrent!


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