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Monday, September 18, 2006 

I Miss You WB

I miss your stupid little frog, and catchy commercials.

(Insert here the picture of the WB frog that stupid blogger won't allow me to upload.)

I miss your laugh, hell, I miss your scent. Listen, when this is all over, you and I are going to get an apartment together!* (blogger takes a moment to stop talking)

Seriously? What in the fuck is happening to the WB?

First they signed off Angel, then Charmed, okay, okay, so they were on the air for over eight years, but still! I liked those shows! Then Reba did some weird send off memory rehash of all of it's years, although officially it's going nowhere, they taunted me that they were finally killing of Seventh Heaven, but then took it back (fuckers), they took off Twins without any notice, and then, THEN, they sold the fucking station!


In retrospect perhaps we should have all seen this coming. You want to know what I didn't see coming?

Sunday always had a kick ass line up (if you're a wb whore like I am), they ran What I Like About You, Reba, Charmed, Twins, etc.

Wait, before I go any further I'm going to have to explain something. I'm never home. Never. So I didn't even get to watch this shit. But still, it comforted me to know that if I WERE at home, with nothing else to do on a Sunday night, WB would be there for me. Once I knocked down a small child to get to the Tivo. God help me, I've gone mad without Tivo.

So here's my point. Now that the new stations taken over they've got NOTHING for a sunday night, and guess what new show they're promoting their asses off about?

Can you guess?

It's on Wednesday nights, most likely up against some insanely stupid reality show...


That's right folks, Perry Mason is finally back. According to the commercials I've been insanely missing him and am going to be glued to the tv now that he's back.

Oh dear God.

I fear for you Supernatural, I really do. Because you feature some of the hottest guys on TV, and now that you're on a network showcasing Perry Mason? Well. I'll send flowers to your funeral. I'm sure you'll be buried right next to the Smallville cast.

* I may be watching too many Will Ferrell movies.


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