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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 

I'm Probably Going To Jail

... one day.

Over the weekend my cousins kid* came over, and after suckering me into buying shit from his school catalogue, he climbed into my dogs crate and pretended to go to sleep. My dog actually looked kind of pissed, and then he looked sad... because it was bedtime. And he wanted to go to sleep. And this kid was in his bed, I thought he was going to fucking cry. Stupid dog.

Anyway, so heres what occurred to me while watching this little kid curl up in the crate... these things are a lot smaller then bedrooms. In fact, my sister is almost as tall as me and she can fit in there too. So... why in the fuck does she have a room of her own?

This is waste people. WASTE!

*It's actually his girlfriend's kid. But I'm too lazy to make the distinction... and also. Who cares? He's teaching the kid to bmx race, blah blah blah, my aunt watches him all the time. That's it. He's ours.


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