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Friday, September 08, 2006 

Me=O Nature= Like a Brazillion!

So, here's the thing. No hormonal posts right? Sure, lot's of 'My life's kinda shitty' posts. But nothing hormonal.

So what gives?

I think, that birth control is possibly magic. Or fairy dust. Or something or other that is just fan fuckintabulous... minus seeing trails. BECAUSE I'M ADDICTED!!

Since I've started taking these fucking pills I'm actually able to organize shit!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD! And the weird fucking haze that's always in my brain making me want to kill shit?


It's so awesome.

So! Since I added some man made hormones to my system, I don't work overtime any longer, I finally cleared up my court shit, ordered an ID for travel purposes, actually went to the DMV, finished writing Tonie's resume, wrote her coverletter, helped my mom find out info for the labor board shit (DRAMA), got rid of all that SHIT in my house I wanted to donate, signed Izzy up for obedience class, got his rabies shot, had him neutured, signed him up for doggy day care, cleaned my carpet, replaced all my mismatched dishes (HORRAY!), called up about my school loan, made an appointment with the bank, AND, AND, well other stuff you don't give a fuck about.


I'm in a good mood. I'm productive. I've got more accomplished in the last month than I have in six months, and it feels fucking fantastic.

O's response to my good news, "Was there ever a time when you weren't hormonally imbalanced? Hello?"


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