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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

Real Conversation (AKA: I Have a Headache)

"Fucking Dan Little still hasn't come back to work. He won't return my calls, he won't show up, he's completely fucked me!"

"Maybe he's dead." (just so you know, this is me)

"He's not dead. He's a lazy fucking prick who's driving me to bankruptcy."

"Seriously, what if he's dead? Aren't you going to feel bad at his funeral calling him an asshole?"

"No, I'm going to spit on his fucking grave. He better be dead, fucking Dan Little, I'm going to fire his ass."

"Look, you said he's driving cross country in a POS twelve year old hatchback. Maybe he broke down and wolves ate him."

"WOLVES DIDN'T EAT HIM TERRA! Wolves... WOLVES, what kind of made up bullshit is that? Wolves don't even EXIST!"

"Of course they exist! I've seen them on tv... in movies and shit."

"Pfft... tv. That just proves they don't exist. Look, if Dan Little is stupid enough to get attacked by a make believe creature then he fucking deserves to die."


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