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Tuesday, August 08, 2006 

One Liners

I like seeing other people's happiness.

It reminds me there are still things to crush.


Why is the Irishman always on the phone but never with me? And then when he get's around to calling me back it's mostly a newsletter updating me about him.

'Wow, life is hectic. I have meeting A, B, and C, I did prospecting all morning long and I'm prepping for...'

Blah blah blah blah. Listen, who in the fuck gives a shit?! Shut up.


You know how I know Duckie is gay? You would think the first tip off would be the hair, or the art, or the job title, or the OCD, or... wait, what was my point?


I totally fucking laughed when I heard about your miscarriage, you fat fucking cow.


When I have an appointment with you at 4:30 and I show up at 4:15, do me the fucking courtesy of coming out before 5:10, and offering me something to drink since your fat little piggy hand is currently wrapped around something, and, oh!, here's a novel idea



I'm not going to get pissed that an uneducated, badly dressed, fat bitch, chose to wield her practically invisible power over me. Listen, I'm really impressed at your impression of someone better than me, next time though try shopping at somewhere other than mervyns, because last time I checked that wasn't listed under "oh so impressive."

You hippo.


I Can't Help You Now - Look, I have two songs on my hard drive that don't have the name 'iTunes' tatooed to their asses, so suck it
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