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Monday, May 08, 2006 


Yankee Bob tagged me (for his link look to the right, I'm too lazy to link. Fuck you). He did 12 things even though you're only supposed to do 10, what an overachiever! heh, but NOT ME.

Tag 4 people. List a few Weird Facts about yourself...The weirder the better....LOL.
Leave the links to the blogs of the people you tagged so they can be easily found.

1. I once told a friend to put a muzzle on his bitch while referring to his girlfriend. Oh yeah, she liked me.

2. I once turned to my cousin and said about his soon-to-be wife, "She no longer amuses me. You can put her away now." His fiance just laughed and I said, "I'm serious."

3. I was actually fired once upon a time. Which I NEVER fess up to. It was so fucking embarressing. But honestly, it wasn't working out. The guy was a sexist pig bastard and I offered to write his resignation letter for him so that he didn't have to bother using the spell check button.

4. I once got an ex back two years after he dumped me, made him fall in love with me, propose, and then I dumped him. Payback's a total bitch.

5. One of my legs is slightly shorter than the other. It makes me stand crooked and that pisses me off.

6. My nose is slightly crooked too, just like my sisters, and my other sister has one leg shorter too. This makes me suspect that we were all crack babies.

7. Three years ago I lost a little over forty pounds and except for minor fluctuations I have kept it off ever since. Yay for me.

8. I would like to lose another fifteen. But I say thirty instead, hoping that if I overachieve I might actually reach my goal. It'll probably never happen though. AHH SELF DEFEATING PROPHECY.

9. If you were ever to meet me I am positive that you would be surprised by how nice I actually am.

10. And the biggest shocker about me? Are you ready for it? Can you handle it? Okay, drumroll please....


I subscribe to Martha Stewart.


I'm not tagging anyone because, again, I'm too lazy to link. I know you think that this is utter bullshit but I've actually had this done for a while and have just never bothered to find the addresses to the people I'd like to tag. So finally today I told myself, look you lazy fuck, just hit post. And here it is, TA DA!