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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

I'll Stop The World and Melt For You

I'm sick, and PMSing, and you are wondering why you care.

You don't, and don't worry, I don't think you do. The point is that all of this may be contributing to why I've been looking at the IrishMan through slit eyes for the last couple of days.

He's all, "blah blah blah blah."

And I'm all, "Hrm" arms crossed in front, cue random looks around the room. Really, I just want to talk about me. The only time I want to talk about his work is in the case that he intends to spend some of the money that he's making on me. If not, well then, hrm.

I feel restless.

And itchy.

This is bad because I tend to break things just for the sound of something different. So last night I was bored when almost automatically I began sifting through the evenings conversation to find a new topic. What did I pick out? Oh, something that would most definitely get us into an argument. I started the convo off with a smile.

Cue his unsuspecting answer.

And somewhere in the midst of his rambling I became aware that I was trying to pick a fight.

Cue self deflation.

Sometimes I'm so irritable that the sound of people talking, breathing, or even thinking within ten square miles of me pisses me the fuck off. It's like, "GAH! GO EXIST SOMEWHERE ELSE!"

I was in fact so irritated last night that I abandoned my plan to crush his self esteem.

For some time I've been planning to obliterate his self-worth. Really, he has entirely too much of it. I'm an attractive female, I have OPTIONS, he's clearly unperturbed by this. And that bothers me. What I would like for him to do is realize how fucking lucky and unworthy he is. I am sure this would trigger small idol worship from which I would benefit. So far, no such luck.







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