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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Do You Ever Wonder...


if that person you hate still reads your blog?

Yeah, me too.

But let's just assume for a moment that they don't, you know all about her, and we're in mid conversation.



I'm glad she's gone.

Aren't you?

Did I tell you about the time she got knocked up and the guy told her he was hoping for a 'punch-the-baby' pregnancy?

No?! What's that?

Oh. He threatened to punch her in the stomach in the club and run. I guess this was based on the fact that they were always clubbing, pregnancy wouldn't slow that down, and he's such a piece of shit that he was in her bed laughing when he said it.

I know, why in the fuck was I even friends with her anyway?


(sip coffee)

What? Oh, her. Yeah, boy now SHE was a piece of work.

She's pregnant, did you hear?

Yeah, some fucking loser, they're planning on getting married.

Naw, it'll probably go through.

So what she hasn't told anyone that they're engaged? You know those two losers, they'll be threatening murder and break ups right until the 'I do's'.

Mmmm huh.

Did I tell her about him cheating?! Hell fucking NO! You think I want to get in the middle of that fucking mess? Shit. HA! I forgot about that ugly chick he tried to bang at the club! Shit, you have a better memory than I do. Oh my god, such ugly belts, she was always trying to look so cool. And remember, no ONE wanted to have sex with her unless they were too drunk to get it up and SHE turned HIM down!


So, technically, he didn't cheat. Because, he couldn't. Also, remember he said that he would cheat if he could just get some girl to go along? So maybe he never actually has.

Oh that's right!!!

I forgot about the time she found him hanging out with all those gay guys!!! Shit. See, she doesn't even care.

Hey, to each his own. Let's just be glad it's not us.


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