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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

Mad Blood Red Hate

This blog is purely for hatred. Got that?! No stories about pansy ass roses that make me puke. If I liked roses so much I wouldn't run them over with my car for fun.

And I do.

All the fucking time.

Anyway, today I hate my dog. He's a traitor. Last Friday I had to drop him off at my mom's house, I was being all stupid and girly too.

'Oh I'm going to miss my stupid dog so much!'

Really someone should have slapped me right in my overly emotional face. But no one did, because everyone is way too g-rated for me.

So on Sunday I picked him up and guess what? He wasn't particularly happy to see me.

APPARENTLY he fuckin LOVES my parents!

Loves loves loves them. PUKE! He's all, 'OOOH, let me go play in their backyard with their stupid drooly yellow dog!'

And then he lays by my dad's feet, chases my mom around until she feeds him something, and the WHOLE time their big stupid dog is drooling on him.

It makes me sick.

I'm going to cut off his paw and see if they still like him when he's a cripple.


Would that be slicing the paw you feed? lol

It's really the bacon in your dad's pocket.

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