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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Am I The Only One?

That likes, no... LOVES, Malt-O-Meal? mmm. malt o meal. with sugar and cinnamon and milk. mmm.

That says, awesome blossom?

That feels that road rules no longer apply to parking lots and therefore drives whichever way they feel like in spite of stupid arrows because, fuck you cops, try to give me a ticket, I don't think you can because parking lots are free for alls. (umm. but I don't/ever/ever speed cuz that shit's rude. there's kids and old ladies and other harmables in parking lots)

That feels sad at christmas because there are too many presents and not enough popcorn and cranberries strung on a string by families focusing on one another instead of the nearest shopping catalogue?

That talks to themself in silly made up voices with accents?


Did you ever just wanna...

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