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Friday, May 04, 2007 

I am so drunk

that it is not fuking dunny. fkLURK:EJvlacxvfmdrlqtjlhjerl

I fucking hgate typos. fuck typos. Fuck them and their goddamned fug looking moghthers. fuck them.

Anyway. what wasI saying? drunk. Drunk is cool. really... um... cool

Except.ll tthat the room is slighty spinning. other than that. Suhweet~

Ok,Y!!! So, today is the first time that I played at a poker night. cool huh? Yeah I thought so too. I cleaned them the FUCK OUT! Beginners luck I know. But even if I hadn't? It would've been worth all of the money I lost. It was that much fun.
God I have to pucke.

or not.


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