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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 


At The New Job
I worry that I'm not being helpful enough. I stress that I'm typing this. I feel guilty about checking my inbox, I have a coronary when I'm running a second late, I wonder if there are ways to make myself friendlier. Apparently I like my new job?
With The Irishman
I used last night to start fights. Fights. As in plural. Because I didn't get home until 8:30 and had left at 7:10 in the morning. Because I had way too much shit to do at home and no energy or time to do it. Because ever since they switched writers Gilmore Girls sucks. Because we're moving in together and I'm scared shitless. Because I know it's good to move in, but I hate change. Hate it hate it. So I called this morning to say I was sorry and was surprised to find that I meant it. Although possibly I only meant it because the new house is closer to work and my current commute is kicking my ass. An HOUR AND A FUCKING HALF.
You know it's going to be a bad day when various people in the cars surrounding you are throwing their hands up and visibly shouting.
Catch that show on HBO, BIG LOVE. Even if you have to tivo it. Even if you have to netflix it. Even if you have to buy it. The first season is out on DVD and at first you might not exactly get what I love about it, but there's an episode where one of the wives loses Mother of the Year because they find out she's a practicing polygamist and when she comes home it's the other two wives that surround her, hug her. She leans into them crying and what you get, really get, is that they're a family.
For me it does for polygamy what Ghia did for lesbianism. Shows it in a way that appears natural. Shows it complexities, challenges, downfalls and benefits. I just... love this show!
Camp is... well, campy. It's a sundance movie about kids that go to Camp Ovation. A camp for kids that want to be actors (warning gay and fag hag issues explored). All of the actors are under 18, and they are just friggin amazing. Watch it. And be forewarned, all of the singing? That's really them, no alternate singers. And the awesome song at the end? The one that's just as good as the performance in the beginning? It's sung by a girl that has trained to be an opera singer for 75% of her life. Not to be missed.