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Monday, November 13, 2006 

Random Death Threat of the Day

So it turns out my ex boss is incredibly stupid, because he didn't manage to break my fingers, only bruise them. Which just goes to show, weapons without bullets and/or sharp edges are pointless.
I'd like to say he did it on accident, but he didn't exactly look apologetic. Also, I may have caught him laughing hysterically later while pantomiming slamming a car door.
So now that I'm at the new job, non-mob related, I can't look at blogger sites anymore... or I could. But then I'd be fired. And I'd hate to get fired. Because I love drinking, er, I mean not being homeless. Yeah. That's it. Nothing to do with my never ending plot to kill my liver. Anyway, I'll still be posting, but do to the changed circumstances I might be reading your sites a lot more than commenting.
Because I hate you motherfuckers. You live far away and never send me beer. Death to you all.