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Thursday, June 22, 2006 


So I don't really log into myspace but once a week, look, I don't need a web page to tell me how cool and popular I am okay?

I have enough restraining orders to prove the point.

But I do check my email, and of course I'm ALWAYS getting those emails, 'XYZ wants to be your friend'.

Of course they do! Who the fuck doesn't?

But I don't always know who XYZ is. See, I have to check into myspace to see their profile, and like I said, I only do that occasionally.

Anyway, here's my fucking point, Today Ang calls me and says, so XYZ added me, boy I was surprised to see that!

Which triggers some small reaction in my brain.

XYZ? Ugly fugly retarded XYZ? FUCK THAT SHIT!

Heh, yeah, I was surprised to hear from him too.

I'm not adding him, I didn't like him in school and I don't fucking like him now.

Well too bad! I added him and I'm going to make sure he asks you to add him too!

No. In fact I'm going to write him a letter back right now.

Dear XYZ,

I know in the past we knew each other... perhaps you even thought of us as friends. But really, you need to learn how to let go of the past. I can't be your enabler.

Glad you're not dead and all that shit,



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