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Thursday, June 08, 2006 

Complaint #1,890,895,365,222

Look, I know I'm picky.
'Terra, what the fuck is your problem?'
Um, if I knew don't you think I'd fucking fix it? Or give a damn? You people don't seem to understand that I like my hangups. Every single quirky one of them. They're good, they're necessary , they're tested, tried and true.
One of them is spelling.
Now I'm not talking, oops I accidentally hit the wrong key, or forgot a word, spelling. I'm talking deliberate fucking misspelling, to be kool, ole school and shit.
This guy is older than me, professional, very nice looking, extremely laid back, well read and so far, up until this point I guess you could say, well spoken.
Until today.
Which is when he texts me with 'kewl'.
And I'm meeting you for lunch in an hour? Color me un-excited. Is it too much to ask that you attempt to give off the image of being literate?