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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Hey Liars, Hit Me Up, I'm Sooooooooooo In Love With You

You know what I fucking love? Liars! They are sooooo hot. Like, Paris Hilton Hot, like, eat a fucking burgar on top of a car while getting hosed down hot.

Fucking losers.

Fucking wishy washy can't pick a fucking side, democratic, republican, undeclared, will NEVER EVER fucking make a decision LIARS.

Ok. Here's a clue, when I ASK you if you've done something or not, it is probably perfectly okay to go ahead and admit to that. Especially considering the fact that I have ALWAYS demonstrated the fact that I will not get mad at confessions but rather at LIES.

Want a second clue? When we have a fight, don't immediately go post a personals ad that my girl friends will find and tell me about when we are once again dating. News flash, I know they don't lie to me.

Whatever. This is so Ross and Rachel screaming, "we were on a break!"


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