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Monday, March 13, 2006 

I'm So Excited

and I just can't hide it!!
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it,
oooh yeah!
So email posting IS working!!!!!
Holy fucking jesus shit on a stick!
Okay. calm down terra. although spontaneous orgasms are AWESOME, they are NOT always so appreciated at work.
work spontaneous orgasms = fired.
Anyway, so here's the lowdown. I CAN POST NOW!!!
BUT, i still cannot look at any haloscan comments, or post any haloscan comments, or think about posting them because when i remember i cannot i go, well, post-al. hehe.
I can read blogger comments though, strange huh? But it's a moot fucking point, because not only does no one comment via blogger, my IT team has also blocked me from blogger commenting as well.
I love giving off the impression that i don't give a shit about your comments. But i do! i really really do! I'm an attention WHORE.
when i'm at cindy's house i check all of your comments and keep them close to my heart knowing that at least someone, anyone, pays attention to me. your comments are the only thing keeping me from going all thelma and louise.
one of them got to fuck a roadside stranger that looked like brad pitt.
you people are keeping me the fuck down.



i can leave you all sorts of messages and you won't be able to comment back. that sounds so totally fun! :P

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