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Saturday, October 08, 2005 

Nobody Posts On A Saturday

because everyone has a life and doesn't bother looking at blogs on the weekend which means that this post will have no comments resulting in my diminishing self esteem eventually leading to the corrosion of my already questionable hygeine until one day someone refuses to sit next to me on the bus, causing me to miss work and drown my sorrows in alcohol while taking a bath fully clothed in an overflowing hotel hot tub while holding a rusty razor blade.



My side hurts.


all randomness aside.

My friend Andy told me that my blog suprised him because he was under the impression that I was a ding bat prostitute.


The prostitute part was just him wishful thinking. He was looking at me and mentally calculating how much money he had saved up for his kid's college and whether or not I was worth it.

I am but that's besides the point.

The point is: Dingbat? What the fuck? Ok. He didn't say dingbat. But he alluded to it.

he also said that he had gotten the impression that I was nice... as in, not evil. BOY WAS HIS FIRST IMPRESSION OFF!!! hehe.

Then he called me at work and I was all, "Hello. Terra speaking how may I help you?"

Which threw him off even more.

Ok, first impression, dingbat... and possible alcoholic. Second impression from blog, evil cunning killer. Watch your mother fucking back, YO. Third, totally professional chick perhaps wearing librarian glasses. Fourth... I don't know. He didn't say. I think he keeps hanging out with me hoping to see the prostitute side come out.

Except that'll never happen... other than every third tuesday of a month divisible by three.

That's right. Go run to your calendar.


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