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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

Post Birthday Recap

So check this out. I'm old. Apparently there's this magical day that turns you old, pooflike and shit. Whatthefuckever.


Note to self: Never get out of bed on September 26 again.


There's some shit that really bugs me, like people that walk past you and don't say excuse me, but they have to pass close enough to hit you. That shit pisses me the fuck off. WHAT THE FUCK! It's two fucking GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING WORDS ASSHOLES JUST SAY THEM BEFORE I IMPLODE.

I'm pms'ing.

I'm using my get out of jail free card.

I'm giving you a number and taking away your name.


Last night I went karaoking with fellow bloggers Roy Hobbs, Cindy Lou and friend of Terra, Bonnie. We sang. We drank. We drank too much.


Maybe I drank too much.

There are pictures which we will now refer to as exhibit A. Unfortunately they have been confiscated for evidence. What was left anyway. I may have destroyed some shit and otherwise obstructed justice.

Justice sucks handicapped ass anyway. Stupid blind justice.



Thanks for breakfast Andy... thanks for driving me to my car instead of a dark alley or a corn field or a rest stop or some of the other places that previous guys have felt the need to drive me to.

I'm old.

I don't run that fast anymore.


I Can't Help You Now - Look, I have two songs on my hard drive that don't have the name 'iTunes' tatooed to their asses, so suck it
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